Tim Yeo is a leading international authority on energy and climate change. He has over a quarter of a century’s experience of dealing with energy and climate change issues in government, Parliament, business and academia.

Tim’s passionate interest in these subjects was triggered by his appointment as Minister of State at the Environment Department with responsibility for policy on climate change and energy efficiency. In 1993 the threat of climate change was scarcely discussed outside scientific and academic circles, public knowledge was limited and much of the business community was opposed to taking action to address it.

In common with almost everyone at that time Tim knew little about climate change so he embarked on a steep learning curve, immersing himself in discussions with top scientists, academics and climate experts. He soon became convinced of the seriousness and immediacy of the threat. Reaching this conclusion changed the direction of his career.

In all Tim’s subsequent roles inside and outside government he has fought for a more urgent global response to climate change. He has argued for this in front of business people, academics, the public and politicians throughout the world. He has never shrunk from controversy, confronting powerful vested interests and sometimes facing personal abuse.

Having retired from Parliament in 2015 Tim’s part time roles are still mostly related to energy and climate change. He travels widely, speaking at international conferences and writing for mainstream and specialist publications. He remains a regular attender at the annual UN Framework Climate Change Convention Conference of Parties.

Tim is active in business as a director of listed and unlisted companies in the UK and France in the energy and transport industries, and as an energy and climate change consultant in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, and the Americas.